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Whats happening in Chiang Mai during May 2017?

There are countless festivals and special events held in Thailand throughout the year.
Some of the best-known annual Chiang Mai special events.are listed here. Note: Unless stated, these are not public holidays.

“The Lonely Planet Traveller Destination Awards 2014"

•Best Destination for Festival: Chiang Mai
Lonely Planet

Labour Day (public holiday)
May 1

Labor Day in Thailand celebrates the achievements of laborers from Thailand (sort of) and falls on the same day as its international cousin, International Labor Day.

This is a well-organized event with a lot of local businesses and workers in attendance. A marching band leads the procession while various other percussion groups are usually scattered along the parade line. The banner guards are usually  three beautiful women dressed in traditional Thai fashion, following just behind the Marching Band.

Labor Day in Thailand is a National Holiday and most government and office workers do get the day off. But if you find yourself in Thailand on Labor Day, don’t overlook it as possible good time and a good example of Thai culture. At least in Chiang Mai.
Labor Day Thailand

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New Orleans Jaz Festival

Visakha Bucha Day
May 13, 2014

There are a number of important Buddhist holidays throughout the year, but the most significant in Thailand is Visakha Bucha Day.

This day commemorates three defining events in the life of the Lord Buddha which all occurred on the full-moon day of the sixth lunar month (known as the Visakha month). The Visakha full moon marks the day on which Buddha was born, reached his enlightenment 35 years later and the day he died and entered Nirvana 45 years after that. The photo below is the famous Reclining Buddha statue at Wat Pho in Bangkok which depicts the Buddha entering Nirvana.
It’s a day when most Thai Buddhists will visit their local temple to make merit.

Because it’s such an important Buddhist day in Thailand there are also restrictions on alcohol sales which means that some bars and clubs close for the day.
Visakha Bucha Day

The Legend of Chiang Mai’s Inthakin City Pillar

There is an ancient legend that tells the story of how the original site of Chiang Mai was a town plagued with demons. A hermit asked the god Indra for help and from the heavens came the Inthakin pillar to protect the town and the people from the demons. However, in time the people neglected the pillar and the demons returned and the town was left in ruins. In 1296, King Mengrai chose the site of Chiang Mai to be the new capital of the Lanna kingdom. King Mengrai found the old city pillar amongst the ruins of the town and was told the legend about the demons. He sited the pillar at the geographical centre of the new city in a temple called Wat Sadue Muang. Today, the remains of this temple can be seen within the grounds of the Cultural Hall (just behind the Three Kings Monument) in the old town area of Chiang Mai.

Wat Chedi Luang

In the year 1800, the city pillar was moved from Wat Sadue Muang to the present site at Wat Chedi Luang, a short walk away along Phraplokkao Road. At the same time as the Inthakin pillar was moved to Wat Chedi Luang, a yang tree (gum tree) was planted. As you walk into the main entrance of the temple compound this is the large tree on the left hand side standing watch over the white shrine (pictured top) which now houses the city pillar. The ancient chedi behind the temple (pictured right) was once home to the Emerald Buddha which is now at Wat Phra Kaeo in Bangkok.

The Inthakin Festival

The Inthakin Festival is significant for Chiang Mai and her people who are mindful of the old beliefs and traditions. If the city pillar is respected, then Chiang Mai and its residents will be safe, happy and prosperous.

Inthakin City Pillatr

Rainy day activities

7 things to do if its raining:
i. Go to the cinema
ii. Get wetter and go swimming
iii. Go to one of the many shopping malls - some old and some really new.
iv. Go bowling 4th Floor Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Centre
v.  Do a cookery course
vi. Eat - so many places. You could even do a tour of the city by enjoying one dish here, and another there. Get the idea?
vii. Visit the  Old City Cultural  Center, and other heritage museums and centuries old temples.

Ask our staff for more information on any of these suggestions.
7 great things to do when its wet
7 great things to do around Chiang Mai what ever the weather
7 great things to do around Chiang Mai: Click Here

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